Refund Policy

MOTORMAN.AE Refund Policy
As to tyre puncture repair, MOTORMAN extends free backup service to correct the issue, warranty is valid for three months from the date service was rendered.
If you wish to return your tires to us or cancel your order, please fill in the contact form stating the reason that you would like a refund of the payment made. Once we receive your message, one of the MOTORMAN team will contact you.
A MOTORMAN Customer shall be entitled to cancel the order, return the goods and receive a refund as per the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Refund Policy, provided the goods have not been used in any way or have not been driven on and are in the same condition in which they were delivered to the customer and provided that such cancellation is within a period of seven days from the date of purchase.
For cancellation of the order in case where the Goods have not left the Warehouse, there will be no deduction from the customer, whereas if the Goods have already left the Warehouse, the costs of returning the goods may be deducted from the customer. The customer shall fully and effectually indemnify MOTORMAN from and against all such costs, fees, expenses or charges that are incurred in relation to the return of the Goods. MOTORMAN reserves the right to charge the customer for any direct costs, fees, expenses or charges associated with the return of the Goods.
The customer is advised to contact their designated MOTORMAN Team Executives for full confirmation of all costs and the procedure to follow for returning Goods before initiating any proposed return of the Goods.
Please note that any & all Goods purchased under any special and/or limited time offers or promotions of any kind cannot be returned or exchanged, and no refund is available. As such, this Policy will not be applicable for any purchases under such offers/promotions.
All refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment by the customer for the Goods and as designated by MOTORMAN as appropriate.
Any refusal to refund due to the ineligibility of the customer shall be final, no objection may be raised by the customer, and no claim or liability shall be attache MOTORMAN, upon such refund being effected through the original mode of payment, shall represent a closure to the matter and full and final settlement, and the customer, upon receipt of any such refund, releases entirely MOTORMAN from and against any further liability or obligation in respect of the Goods or any other matters and shall have no further claim against MOTORMAN.