Roadside Assistant

Profession Staff with Professional Tools
Staff is trained for all Premium Cars

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Tyre Repair Onsite.

  1. Trained staff for all premium cars like G63, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Tesla and all other premium cars.
  2. Professional tools to avoid damage.
  3. We use USA made plug and stripe for tyre repair.
  4. We offer one months warranty and free backup service for the tyre repair.

+971 58 59 58 091

New Tyres.

Need a new tire?

Share tire size for your car wheel and preferred brand to get a price quote now.
We deal in wide range of tyre brands (affordable, mid-range or premium). From smallest rim size 14″ to 24″ inches.
We also sell single tyre for premium brands and cars.

+971 58 59 58 091

Emergency spare for Tesla

You don’t have spare wheel?

  1. We provide emergency spare wheel for all premium cars without a spare for example Tesla.
  2. By using our spare you’re quickly back on the road, regardless of the fact that you’ve burst your car tyre.
  3. Our spare saves you time and hassle and allows you time to buy a replacement tyre.
  4. Our staff also uses jacks rubber pad to lift your car as recommended by tesla for safety.

+971 58 59 58 091


Trained Staff
Knowing your car will lessen
the chance of mess up.

Professional Tools
Helps to finish the job faster
and better.

ETA 25-min
Quick service is essential
at the time of road emergency.

We use USA made plug thus
can warranty FREE backup service.

Service is offered round the clock.

Card payments
You can pay service charges by card also.

Towing Service.
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Battery Replacement.
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Work Shop Services.
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Car Registration.
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Fastest On-site Tire Services in Dubai !

  • Onsite tire service in case of tire puncture or tyre blowout emergency.
  • Expected time of arrival for help is 25 minutes or less in most cases.
  • Warranty with free backup service
  • We accept card payments.

Motorman provides onsite tyre service at your desired Location. We repair your Car’s Flat Tire with USA made plug, staff is trained and with professional tools to avoid any chance of damage to your loved car
We also offer tyre replacement service (New Tyres) to ensure that if your tyre puncture can’t be repaired, we have affordable, Midrange or premium brand’s replacement tyre for you, to get you back on the road without delay!
Motorman roadside assistance is just a call away to fix your tyre emergency.

Call us now at: +971 58 59 58 091 !




✑ Phone: +971 58 59 58 091
✑ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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